After having trouble with other lawyers that were dragging out our case for money, we were referred to Jonathan. He is like a bull, who will take your case personally and get everything he can that get for you. He was honest in what we were expected to gain, and listened to our concerns. He then went the extra mile to make sure we were taken care of. He works with great people and communicated with us all the way.

I would 100% recommend and if we could have gone back in time, we would have hired him from the start. Good rates, great service and will not take advantage of your time or your money. It's hard to find great lawyers like him.

Jackie December 19, 2018

With Jonathan you gain great legal knowledge and skill in court, but also a deep understanding of the "ecosystem" your case is working within. After 1.5 years on this case I can say with confidence, that he knows how to work respectfully and effectively with the other attorneys, Judges, and their staff. The outcome for our case was monumental. I would not hesitate on choosing him!

anonymous December 14, 2018

Jonathan was referred to me by my divorce counselor. He has a reputation for working hard and trying to finalize a divorce in a timely manner. I had a tedious uncontested divorce which involved a lot of back and forth with my ex husband's attorney. Jonathan kept me in the loop of things and worked with me even though I was very busy. He really represent's his client's interest and tries to deliver. I tried to give more away out of guilt and he really talked to me about plausible solutions, pets, and was familiar with complicated divorces regarding individuals from different countries (this was my situation). At the time, he had an ill family member and was very patient and accommodating so I could sign the papers at my convenience. He is a great divorce attorney and was reachable conveniently by phone or email whenever needed.

Gigi November 28, 2018

Jonathan is a straight shooter and kept things realistic with me during the tough process of divorce. He was upfront, fair, honest and empathetic. He was always very responsive, professional and was comforting to have his guidance and leadership every step of the way. I highly recommend Jonathan to anyone going through separation or divorce and I will be forever thankful that he was in my corner. 5-Stars all around.

Kendall November 8, 2018

Jonathan was a fair, ethical and honest attorney. He worked hard against a unethical attorney with client that had money to burn. He was able to pull the case across the Finish Line to wear we came out on top in spite of the practices and the endless cash of the opposing client. I would highly recommend Jonathan.

Jeremy August 25, 2018

Jon was very helpful in the process through the divorce. Always was there to answer questions and guide me the right direction. Was fair and honest and took the time to make sure I get comfortable.

anonymous August 24, 2018

John is a compassionate yet realistic attorney. He let me know what to expect upfront and delivered. I have to admit, there were times I was concerned with my case, but he always came through and made it look effortless. He helped me in my custody battle to come up with a plan that was fairest to my daughter. He doesn't sell dreams, and will fight to get what's fair and in the child's best interest. He's personable, has a great reputation, and is very well known amongst other attorneys and judges.

Shyann May 8, 2018

Jon provided me guidance that saved me thousands of dollars during my contested divorce action. While I settled in mediation, I had full confidence in his ability to litigate if it came to that. I appreciated Jon's timely response to inquiries, and through discovery, interrogatories and mediation he respected my desired outcomes. My money was well spent with Jon, and he will be my first call for future custody modifications.

Chris April 2, 2018

Mr. Brezel was given the Contempt of Court case I filed against my ex-husband while working for Ordway Law Group in Atlanta. He was very prompt in returning my emails and quick to calm my fears during a very emotional and stressful time. He is by far the most professional and approachable attorney I have worked with trying to resolve the issue. Mr. Brezel was very understanding of the situation. He did everything in his power to find the middle ground with my ex's attorney, as well as, the Honorable Judge Hutchinson III, which saved me time and money. I cannot thank him enough for getting me through the last year. There really are no words.

Stephanie February 22, 2018

Being faced with ending a marriage of 22 years, I knew that having experienced and compassionate legal representation during this difficult time could make all the difference. Jonathan Brezel has a way to navigate one of life's potentially traumatizing experiences with the least amount of stress. Jon has a confident approach to complicated emotional and financial issues. His confidence, tenacity, and demeanor in the court room ensured equal equitable distribution and alimony. He made certain my financial future was secure. Jon is committed to the highest standards of professional competence and integrity.

Stacie February 9, 2018

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