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Welcome to Brezel Family Law. We offer comprehensive family law services and are the best answer for those seeking legal help. Whether you’ve searched for a “family law attorney near me” or a “prenup lawyer near me”, you’ll find that Attorney Brezel is someone you can trust. As a premier divorce lawyer in Atlanta, GA, he has the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to fight for you. When you’re looking for the best child custody lawyers near me, Attorney Brezel is consistently at the top of the list. Families in Atlanta, GA, can safely turn to him for assistance.

Brezel Family Law focused exclusively on family law. We offer services including:

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Filing for Divorce
  • Child Custody Agreements and Modifications
  • Child Support Agreements and Modifications
  • Spousal Support Agreements and Modifications
  • Legitimization

Our services don’t stop there, however. We will work for you in whatever capacity your family needs. We take family law seriously, because family matters.

Divorce Lawyer in
Atlanta, GA

Attorney Brezel stands out as a divorce lawyer in Atlanta, GA. He has represented many people who needed divorce settlements, both in calm no-fault divorces and in more agitated circumstances. Many of these situations involved children, so his clients needed assistance with child custody. Rather than searching for the best child custody lawyers near me, they’d already found him. Family law situations don’t have to be dramatic, but they do require diligent work. When you seek a family law attorney near me, consider Attorney Brezel. Due to his earnest desire to help families, the practice is focused entirely on family law. This ensures that we can keep your legal fees affordable even in the most difficult situations.

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Best Child Custody Lawyers
Near Me

It can get complicated when you must navigate a post-divorce situation with children. That is, all parties must put the children first and the law echoes that focus. You need the best child custody lawyers near me to represent your family’s interests. Without an equitable resolution, your family will continue to experience turmoil in Atlanta, GA. The right family law attorney near me will streamline communication to ensure that your children remain the focus.

In cases where you’ve previously used a prenup lawyer near me, you can avoid some of the difficulties. Child custody is influenced by each parent’s emotional availability and financial wellbeing. Attorney Brezel can argue for the best outcome based on these factors. If you have a strong prenuptial agreement, you are more likely to have a favorable custody agreement. Even if you neglected a prenuptial agreement, it’s not too late. Georgia state law permits legally-binding postnuptial agreements.

Prenup Lawyer Near Me

Brezel Family Law is available for you at every stage of your marriage. From your first search for a prenup lawyer near me in Atlanta, GA, we’re ready and willing to work with you. Attorney Brezel helps you enter your marriage with a clear understanding of rights and responsibilities. He’s the family law attorney near me that cares about your family. His dedication to family law will win you the results you desire. Let him represent you in the courtroom and the negotiating table.

Explore our services, learn about us, and read how we can help your family. Even when you need a divorce lawyer in Atlanta, GA, Attorney Brezel will fight for the best legal outcome possible. His experience and knowledge of the law have prepared him for any legal battle. Even if you aren’t certain how to file for divorce or how a prenup agreement can help you, contact us. We’ll offer you a consultation to answer your questions and prepare you for what comes next.

prenup lawyer near me mcdonough ga
Our Testimonials
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    Fast divorce attorney Jonathan was referred to me by my divorce counselor. He has a reputation for working hard and trying to finalize... read more - 11/28/2018 

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    Best decision I made... Trying to find a good attorney while going through a divorce, especially one that has a domestic volience issue, can... read more - 3/01/2019 

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    Help in a sea of chaos Johnathan's professional expertise will never be forgotten . I will always be thankful for all the help he has given... read more - 4/27/2016 

  • Bill AvatarBill

    excellent lawyer I worked with Mr Brezel after firing a previous attorney, and he successfully cleaned up the mess this previous attorney... read more - 8/18/2015 

    Chris AvatarChris

    Money well spent Jon provided me guidance that saved me thousands of dollars during my contested divorce action. While I settled in mediation,... read more - 4/02/2018 

    anonymous Avataranonymous

    Great Attorney! Jon was very helpful in the process through the divorce. Always was there to answer questions and guide me the... read more - 8/24/2018 

  • Sara Stribling AvatarSara Stribling

    Excellent divorce attorney. Jon Brezel was knowledgeable, compassionate, and efficient. He managed to make a difficult process less stressful.... read more - 2/17/2019 

    anonymous Avataranonymous

    Atlanta-Based Divorce Lawyer Jonathan Brezel (Jon) was overall a good lawyer. He is assertive, and driven and makes the time to work with... read more - 9/09/2015 

    anonymous Avataranonymous

    Great care, excellent outcome Jon knew more about my case before I hired him, than the attorney I hired before I found Jon. His... read more - 6/12/2018 

  • Jackie AvatarJackie

    Great honest and efficient family lawyer. After having trouble with other lawyers that were dragging out our case for money, we were referred to Jonathan. He... read more - 12/20/2018 

    anonymous Avataranonymous

    I'm honored to recommend Jonathan I'm not sure how to thank and compliment Jonathan enough. His legal help was truely life-saving for my son and... read more - 1/21/2019 

    Sage AvatarSage

    Excellent divirce Mr. Brezel is an outstanding divorce attorney who I chose to represent me in my divorce case. Mr. Brezel listened... read more - 3/03/2016 

  • Kimberlee Lucas AvatarKimberlee Lucas

    This has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. I am grateful to... read more - 2/17/2019 

    Jessica AvatarJessica

    Great response time, great outcome. Jonathan was always quick to get back to me and explained things throughly. He advocated for me agressively without being... read more - 3/01/2016 

    anonymous Avataranonymous

    Prompt, Responsive and Honest Jonathan not only served as my lawyer providing legal counsel, but he often served as my confidant and counselor. Whenever... read more - 11/04/2015 

  • Kasey AvatarKasey

    Highly Recommend When my husband and I decided it was time to get a divorce it was very difficult for me, and... read more - 4/25/2019 

    Kathryn AvatarKathryn

    Divorce sucks, but your attorney doesn’t have to. Jonathan made the process as simple as could be and was a voice of reason in an incredibly unknown and... read more - 3/30/2018 

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    Trying to find a good attorney while going through a divorce, especially one that has a domestic volience issue, can... read more - 3/17/2019 

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    All-Star Attorney Jonathan is a straight shooter and kept things realistic with me during the tough process of divorce. He was upfront,... read more - 11/08/2018 

    Jeremy AvatarJeremy

    Ethical, honest, and fair Jonathan was a fair, ethical and honest attorney. He worked hard against a unethical attorney with client that had money... read more - 8/25/2018 

    anonymous Avataranonymous

    Expertise PLUS With Jonathan you gain great legal knowledge and skill in court, but also a deep understanding of the “ecosystem” your... read more - 12/14/2018 

  • Stephanie AvatarStephanie

    Contempt of Child Custody Mr. Brezel was given the Contempt of Court case I filed against my ex-husband while working for Ordway Law Group... read more - 2/22/2018 

    Mohamed AvatarMohamed

    Great lawyer I hired Jonathan the day before my court because my previous lawyer did not informed my court date and also... read more - 5/07/2014 

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    I recently went through a divorce and Brezel Family Law was recommended to me. I could not be happier with... read more - 6/10/2019 

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    Mr. Brezel is a wonderful attorney. I had no experience with an attorney or a courtroom before and was... read more - 3/17/2019 

    Stacie AvatarStacie

    Exceptional Divorce Attorney Being faced with ending a marriage of 22 years, I knew that having experienced and compassionate legal representation during this... read more - 2/10/2018 

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    Realistic and Reasonable John is a compassionate yet realistic attorney. He let me know what to expect upfront and delivered. I have to... read more - 5/08/2018 

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    When my husband and I decided it was time to get a divorce it was very difficult for me, and... read more - 5/17/2019 

    Stan AvatarStan

    A Wonderful Job I can not say enough about John and the Ordway Law group. Something that caught my immediate attention was the... read more - 4/29/2015 

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    professional and caring Jonathan has done a great job helping me get primary custody of my daughter. I would definitely recommend him to... read more - 1/13/2016 

    Matthew AvatarMatthew

    Great Divorce Attorney! I recently went through a divorce and Brezel Family Law was recommended to me. I could not be happier with... read more - 6/05/2019 

    Kenneth AvatarKenneth

    One of the best Attorney's ever! I will recommend this law professional to anyone who's needing legal representation in family law. Mr. Brezel has earned my... read more - 5/07/2014 

  • Jade AvatarJade

    Exceptional Jonathan Brezel has been with me from beginning to end; providing his expertise, guidance and support. His knowledge and experience... read more - 7/15/2019 

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