We Can Help You Update a Child Custody or Support Agreement

Understand child custody modifications in Atlanta, GA

Child custody arrangements aren't set in stone. If you need to update an agreement, turn to Brezel Family Law, LLC. We have extensive experience with child custody modifications in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

Want to modify an alimony or visitation? We can help with that, too. Call 678-825-5547 now to speak with attorney Brezel about alimony, visitation or child custody modifications.

Child support modifications as needed

Changes in income or financial needs often prompt Atlanta, GA parents to request child support modifications. The judge could change how much you or your ex owes if...

  • You've lost your job.
  • Your ex got a substantial raise.
  • Your child is suffering from serious illness.
In general, parents must wait two years to file for new child support modifications. However, you can make an immediate request in an emergency situation.

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