Your Children Need Support After Your Divorce

Your Children Need Support After Your Divorce

Consult a child support attorney in Atlanta, GA

Children are a parent’s top priority during a divorce. You want your child to get the financial and emotional support they need after you and your spouse separate. Attorney Brezel will keep your child’s wellbeing in mind throughout the negotiation process. He has years of experience as a child support attorney in Atlanta, GA.

As a single parent, you deserve financial assistance as you raise your child. Arrange for an appointment with a child support attorney today.

What factors determine alimony payments?

Brezel Family Law also assists with spousal support. If you need to reach an alimony agreement with your spouse during the divorce process, trust attorney Brezel to speak up for your financial needs. Here are a few factors that influence an alimony agreement:

  • Your financial situation
  • Your living arrangements
  • Your child custody status

With a qualified alimony attorney by your side in Atlanta, GA, you and your spouse can reach a fair spousal support agreement. You won’t have to worry about getting the support you need after your divorce is final. Call Brezel Family Law now to schedule an appointment with an alimony attorney.