Protect Your Parental Rights

Protect Your Parental Rights

Learn more about paternity legitimation in Atlanta, GA

Family disputes can get heated quickly, and every family is different. If you’re fighting for child custody or child support but you aren’t married to the child’s other parent, you might need to establish paternity legitimation. Reach out to Brezel Family Law today. Attorney Brezel assists with legitimation for child support and child custody in Atlanta, Georgia.

What is legitimization?

Legitimization, or legitimation, is the legal process of proving paternity. When is paternity legitimation necessary? There are several legal processes that might require someone to prove paternity. Here are a few examples of when you might need to establish paternity of your child:

  • You’re fighting for sole custody of your child
  • You’re trying to establish parental rights but aren’t married
  • You’re requesting child support payments from the child’s father

If you have questions about legitimation for child support or child custody in Atlanta, GA, turn to Brezel Family Law. Attorney Brezel will provide the answers you need.